Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I ride my bike because...

I love to bike.

I like the wind in my face (not too strong) and the sound of my tires when they turn fast. I dig the sounds I encounter while cycling; the air as it rushes past my head, the calls of the birds as they flitter in the bushes and trees, the grunts of the tree frogs signaling more dry weather, and the silence of shady country roads.

I like the endorphins that free my body from its normal aches and pains.

I love breaking the barrier that separates normal life from the life on my bike. It is invisible, but there nontheless. My cycling life frees me from daily worries as as I spin along and my mind is able, to use a cycling term, to freewheel (spin freely without brakes) and conjure at will.

I love to set the pace and to ride in a pace line with a set of companions who also love to bike.

Keep Spining.

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Andreas said...

I like it! Will use it for a post I'm putting together about why people cycle - will make sure I give you a link back of course :)
Keep riding!