Sunday, June 28, 2009

2009 TdF Predictions

The 2009 Tour starts July 4th. It is just in time for the big holiday.

Make a prediction as to who will wear the different jerseys: Yellow, Green, White, and Polka Dot.

Do not dismiss the old guy!

My guesses are:

Green jersey (Sprinter):

1. Cavendish

2. Hushovd

3. Farrar

Polka Dot (mountain goat):

1. A. Schleck

2. Sastre

3. Levi

White (Best young rider):

1. Martin

2. ?

Yellow (GC)

1. Armstrong

2. Contador

3. Menchov

Keep Spinning.


John Peterson said...

Yellow - Evans, Contador, Sastre. Lance will be a disappointing 10th.

Green - Cavendish, Cavendish, Cavendish. If he doesn't win it, then he is kicked out for doping.

Polka - Schleck, Sastre, or some unknown.

White - Martin, Kreuziger, Schleck

JDB said...

John P,

Evans can't cut it! He always blames his team mates for his failures to climb with the Big Boys. He did it to Horner and then to Popovich.

We'll see. I can't rule out Lance for a podium finish if not the top spot.

Lou said...

Armstrong gets to the podium.