Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lance and Greg: Greg and Lance

Have you followed the interaction between Lance and Greg?

At Lance's recent announcement of his return to competitive cycling the first person to ask a question was Greg Lemond, the three time winner of the Tour de France. Greg did not ask Lance a question, but directed several questions to the person who will test and monitor Lance's compliance with anti-doping regulations.

The clear implication of Lemond's questions was to cast doubt on Lance's record. Why?

Lance won 7 Tour de France bike races and numerous lesser races around the world. During his many years of racing Lance NEVER tested positive for any banned substance, yet Greg seems to think Lance cheated.

Where is the evidence?

Much like the French media who despise Lance (the French people love him) Greg seems to be bent on diminishing Lance's record in the TdF. The French media hate Lance because no Frenchman has won the TdF since Bernard Hinault stole the 1985 tour from Greg (they were on the same team).

I think Greg has a severe case of the green-eyed monster. He cannot accept Lance's superior record in the TdF and is determined to undercut Lance's legacy.

So sad.

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