Sunday, November 30, 2008

Best rides of 2008

2008 has been a good cycling year for me. No crashes. No road rash. Two flats on the roads. Not bad for 11 months so far!!

My goal for 2008 was 5 to 6,000 miles and as of 30 November I have 5435 miles.

I enjoyed several great rides this year. A few rides were less enjoyable.

I rode on Skyline Drive three times compared to around 25 times in 2007 because of high gas prices and other considerations. However, I did see three black bears on those three rides in the high country.

One of my best rides was on Skyline Drive with Stacy. The roads, the scenery, the solitude and the closeness to Nature mixed with the pain and pleasure of riding in the Shenandoah National Park makes the 65 mile loop incomparable.

The Culpeper Century in early October was a big surprise. I enjoyed the smooth roads, the great views, and the companionship of Patrice who biked with me for most of the 104 miles.

On August 9th a group (Trey, Steve, John P, Bill B, Kevin, Stacy, Lou, Dave W. Buster and me ) met in Loudoun County and biked Woodburn Road, Harmony Church Road, thru Lincoln to Snickersville Tpke to Sam Fred to Middleburg. From M' burg we took Zulla Road into Fauquier County and looped back to Airmont, Hillsboro and back to Purcellville where I started. It was a great 81 miles through horse country with outstanding company. What a ride!

The week before I went to NC and biked the TdF with brother Wayne. The Tour de Furniture in High Point raises money for the Red Cross and they put on a good ride through 4 counties. It was a fun half-century with Wayne.

Stacy and I tried a century (he made it, I stopped after 88 miles) on July 12th in Loudoun County. We did the Loudoun Loop and reversed it to get the miles. Other than the hot weather it was an excellent ride.

Weather conditions made the Reston Century and the Rappahannock Rough Ride less fun than the other rides. But to paraphrase Mark Twain, everyone talks about the weather, but we must take what we get. The Reston was hot, windy, and dry, like a sauna, and all of us suffered like dogs, with the exceptions of Buster and Jodie, the RAAM riders. The RRR was like biking in a steam bath!

Looking forward to 2009. Get ready or get dropped!

Keep Spinning.

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